Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I’ve had a few people ask me about my photographs and the quality, or what apps I use etc. I use an iPhone for most of the photos I post on tumbler (or, sometimes I upload from my computer with pictures taken from either a sony 5100 digital camera or a nikon dslr) A few weeks ago I discovered you could link some of your apps and your tumbler so I linked my instagram app which allows you to import photos (it’s fantastic that you don’t have to use the app to take a photo!) and put filters on current photos to make them look funky. *hence the duck feet Below.
Instagram is one of my favorite photo apps that I use. It allows you to ‘follow’ people like on tumbler and keep a library of your own photos as well as the ones that you’ve ‘liked’. It also allows you to connect with people you might not know but admire their photographs. ie.. I follow Jamie Oliver the chef from the UK on instagram. He’s always posting foodie photos or beautiful photos of his kids :) or just follow your best friends who are always posting beautiful photos of their faces and where they are and what they are doing -ahem, ajh ;) So, I hope that answers everyone’s questions :) feel free to look me up on the app If you like my photos on here. I post a Ton more on instagram. My ‘name’ is DDS @ddsparks. Looking forward to seeing some new and old friends there and sharing some photos :)

Have a beautiful Tuesday and be well my friends :)


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